“Chef Dynasty: House of Fang” (2022)

Chef and restaurateur Kathy Fang is ready to expand the business of Fang, the restaurant she co-owns in San Francisco with her father, Peter, while continuing to honor their roots with Chinese fusion dishes.

For this Reality-TV Show we did Sound Editing and Sound Effects.

It is currently being streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

Series produced by: Jordan Doran, Matthew Pickel and James J. Gutierrez

Sound Editing and Sound Effects by Horst Schnattler, Eli Frauscher and Florian Kettenbach

Mixing: Mayer Sound, Erich Rettermayer and Jeremy Barr

“Talenteschmiede Blasmusik” (2022)

Presentation of the ORF-Documentation

Brass music is enthusiasm on many levels. This “Erlebnis Österreich” documentary is dedicated to the many facets of brass music and accompanies personalities whose different lives have been shaped by music. We were responsible for the sound design and mixing.

Broadcast dates:
18.12., 16:30 on ORF 2

On 12.12.2022, the documentary was presented at the Landesstudio Steiermark, in the presence of, among others, Landeshauptmann Drexler, Landesstudiodirektor Koch, the team and many contributors.


“Ein selten entstaubter Teil des Gehirns” (2022)

Film Poster

Kurzspielfilm / Short Fiction, 13 min

Director Luzia Johow
Writer Luzia Johow, Zorah Berghammer
Producer Flora Mair
Director of Photography Albert Car, Stella-Joya Puelacher
Editor Melisa Krasniqi
Sound & Sound Design Lisa Maria Hollaus
Mixing Eli Frauscher (Klangkulisse)
Music Xavier Weydert
Set & Costume Design Luisa Berghammer und Hanna Wimmer
Distribution Producer Melvyn Zeyns
Cast Aila Franken, Michael Masula

NINE BULLETS, Thriller Feature Film, USA 2022

We hung on the lips of Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) and Sam Worthington (Avatar). For “9 Bullets” we did ADR cueing, which means sorting and transcribing the text passages that are recorded in the film after the fact.

Cast: Lena Headey (“Cersei Lannister” in Game of Thrones), Dean Scott Valesquez, Sam Worthington (Avatar)
Mix & Sound Design: Alan Audio Works, Jeffery Alan Jones

You can find more about our work for films here
“9 BULLETS” will be released on April 22 in USA.

Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea: “Nördlich von Libyen – Dariush und Antje”

For the documentary of director Luise Müller we were allowed to take over the audio post-production and produce editing, sound design and the mix in the soundscape.
Together with Luise Müller we worked on a sound narrative of water and ship sounds to support the emotional story around the two Hamburg sea rescuers Dariush and Antje.

Together we celebrated the preview of the one-hour documentary at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna.