Spatial Audio


Virtual reality, augmented reality, binaural sound.
Audio walks or spatial audio sound installations?

We edit and create immersive audio and help you with delivieries.

We help you capture on location 3D audio on your set. Correct and invisible microphone techniques are key to prevent surprises during post. In this young field we have lots of experience.

Getting the best out of your Ambisonics source material is something that we do. We also love to create 3d audio from the scratch.

ambiXes is our 1st-order immersive ambience loop library for film, immersive content and gamesfür Film, immersiven Content und Spiele. We offer only background ambiences that are clean and ready to use for your instant 3D audio scenery

Having us on board your team ensures you to export your project in the correct format. As being the last in the creative chain we export and transcode your video for your disired platform.


What our clients say:



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Krasnojarsk: Eine Endzeitreise in 360 | VR-Film

Jungheinrich Gabelstapler Simulator | VR-Training

"Why 3D Audio wins over stereo" | VR-Erklärvideo

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