Creative Audio and QC services

What we do: Create sound content, deliver and assure audio quality for film, corporate and XR usescases.

Klangkulisse is a team of creative team players that care about the success of every project. Our eagerness to learn and perform created trust in many clients that happily fall back to us.

Our love for creating sounds lead to two seperate endevours: For background audio we founded  ambiXes, the world‘s largest source for single Ambisonic files. For foley services we founded foley.at, organic foley sounds from our foley stage.

In the heart of Europe we operate our post facility with high security standards. Ask us about what we do to keep your project files safe.

Currently: Our English translation is under construction…

Sound editorial, sound design, ADR, re-recording and deliveries. Klangkulisse is a full service audio post facility equipped with two studios with high security standards.

We love creating new sounds for various formats. Our method is to figure out what sound would have the greatest impact, the most fitting character and the right emotional aspect. Check out our foley service foley.at

We offer consulting for companies how to communicate their values with sound. That is represented in music, voice and the kind of toolset that your company needs.

Let‘s dive into Klangkulisse in XR, where we do sound for VR training and 360° films. Visit us in our virtual studio or check out our 3D-audio library ambixes.com


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Die KLANGKULISSE ist ein Tonstudio für kreative Audioinhalte.
Wir machen Sound und Musik für Filme, Ausstellungen und VR und bieten professionelle Audio-Dienstleistungen für Unternehmen. Mit 4,6 Metern Diagonale betreiben wir die größte Projektionsfläche eines Tonstudios im Süden von Österreich. Das lässt uns großflächig in deine Projekte eintauchen. Die KLANGKULISSE gehört zum guten Ton.


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